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Activities in Stilbaai, South Africa

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

A little known town on the Western Cape of South Africa is Stilbaai. This town is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts who love to surf, fish, kayak and windsurf. The wine growing region has become popular for wine enthusiasts. The town is also visited by a growing number of hikers and cyclists who enjoy the scenery and the adventure they find there.


The waves at Stilbaai are perfect for beginner and experienced surfers alike. The town is also home to a few surfing competitions throughout the year. The town houses surfing schools including The Stilbaai Surf School offer surfing lessons, board rentals, and surf safaris.


Fishing is one of the most popular activities in Stilbaai. Fishermen will find plenty of cod, bass, and bream in the waters off Stilbaai. There are also a few fishing competitions in the area. The town is home to the Stilbaai Marine Research Institute, which undertakes research in the Stilbaai and area. This institute is a partner of the National Aquarium of South Africa, which helps educate visitors about marine life.


The steady breeze that comes off the ocean makes Stilbaai an ideal spot for windsurfing. The town has two good windsurfing spots, the Western Bay and Cape Stilbaai. Boating Cruisers and yacht enthusiasts will find that the town of Stilbaai is a great spot for water sports.


The town has a number of winegrowers and produces a fine red wine: Louis Francois vineyard. The Stilbaai Valley is also home to the Stilbaai Cellars, which bottle wines from the area. Long Thin Farm has a small vineyard and is expecting first release wines in 2023.


Stilbaai owns a large selection of nature reserves. for hiking. To the east is Pauline Bohnen Nature Reserve, a large reserve with various hiking routes. The Skulpiesbaai Nature Reserve is situated near the harbour and reaches up to the "Noordkapperpunt" fishponds. The Geelkrants Nature Reserve is situated next to the "Pulpit"

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